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The Scholarship Program
The Don Bosco Schools in the Philippines, through its various Don Bosco Training Centers, offer Industrial Technician & Manpower Training Programs to out-of-school youth who are financially incapable of furthering college education. These programs are funded by the institution, and therefore offered free to qualified students. In a way, all students under these training programs are scholars.

With the growing population of students in the manpower training programs, the institution seeks the financial help of private organizations, companies, and philanthropists in order to sustain its humanitarian goals. Working Hands is one of those organizations that financially support this scholarship program.

A technical manpower course costs PHP10,000 to PHP20,000 (USD200 - USD400). Working Hands, therefore, raises the same amount for each one of its sponsored scholars. Through various projects, Working Hands was able to establish a seed money for its scholarship fund. In the succeeding years, it continuously implemented fund-raising projects in order to sustain the scholarship program.

A donor may sponsor a scholar(s) and donate a full amount equivalent to the course fee; or he/she may choose to donate an amount for the common scholarship fund.

The Training Program
The Don Bosco Training Centers offer the following courses:
  • Automotive Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronics Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Technology
  • Welding
  • Wood Working

    Other training centers in the provinces offer organic agriculture and dressmaking for young girls.

    Each vocational/technical course covers:

  • Theoretical foundation (30%) - three months  
  • Hands-on training (70%) - remaining months
  • On-the-job training - six months

    The on-the-job training allows the scholars to advance their technical skills by working in companies that has the appropriate industrial setting.

    Job Placement
      The Don Bosco Training Centers link with over 100 companies through their Placement Office, which monitors the industries’ manpower demand. Eighty percent of the graduates land jobs within three months after graduation. Employment reaches 95% within a year.
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