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About Working Hands

Working Hands Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
is a humanitarian organization that provides monetary scholarship to deserving out-of-school youth, who all come from financially-challenged families. The scholarship covers a one-year vocational & technical training at any Don Bosco Training Center in the Philippines at the scholar's own choice. In the future, Working Hands may offer scholarship at other institutions.

In the beginning, "Working Hands", launched in December 1995, was a scholarship program conceptualized and spearheaded by the Young Upbeat Professionals for Peace (YUPPEACE), a people's organization founded in 1994 for the 10th World Youth Day in the Philippines. In November 1996, it was spun off as Working Hands Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a non-stock, not-for-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The end in mind, when Working Hands was created, was the vision of a manpower base of educated and well-trained young workers who, by way of being productive, responsibly contribute to economic nation-building. The organization believes that it is not enough just to send the out-of-school youth to school. Fortressed by values like social responsibility and psycho-spiritual growth, the trained youth must be able to work and earn after being graduated from the training centers.

Vision - Mission
Guided by the YUPPEACE spirit and experience, we envision a manpower base of educated and well trained young workers responsibly contributing to nation-building in a Christ-like way.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Provide education & technical skills training that will equip the out-of-school youth, from financially-challenged families, to be academically & technologically qualified to become productive citizens of a society;
  • Provide spiritual & value formation to the youth in order to enable them to become living examples of Christ in the community they live;
  • Organize our graduates into a young workers’ association conscious of their roles as social catalysts along the lines of the YUPPEACE spirituality & commitment towards the Christian animation of the work force; and,
  • In order to sustain the scholarship program, continuously raise & maintain financial & logistic resources.

YUPPEACE is a movement committed to the youth, a faith community of young professionals that provides psycho-spiritual formative programs to its members. More about YUPPEACE at

Current Objectives
  • To grant more scholarships in rural-based Don Bosco Technical Centers.
  • To include information technology (IT) courses in the Foundation’s list of scholarship grants.
  • To organize the Foundation’s graduates for monitoring, retraining, and upgrading programs.
Our Dream
? Working Hands dreams of an empowered youth sector capable of pursuing gainful and dignified living centered on Christian values --
  • of reaching out to every needy youth; from the streets of a booming city to the farms of a sleepy countryside;
  • of having 200 globally-competitive graduates as the new millennium sets in;
  • of revitalizing its technical programs and expanding its current vocational courses to include information technology (IT) courses;
  • of stronger industry links & heightened public awareness on the plight of needy and out-of-school youth; and,
  • of metamorphosing from a granting foundation into an operating foundation.
Board of Trustees
  • Ofelia C. Bautista
  • Evangeline A. Bautista
  • Ma. Regina I Bundang
  • Alex Richard O. Herrera
  • Fr. Armand Robleza, SDB
  • Fr. Xavier Alpasa, SJ
  • Marianita L. Ong
  • Dorotea F. Alantara
  • Almi Rosalie Olitan Nuguid
  • Irene Sy
  • Ramon C. Santos
  • Cora D. Soriano
  • Ma. Mita Angela M. Dimalanta
  • Irma Japson
Executive Committee
  • Ofelia C. Bautista, President
  • Evangeline A. Bautista, CFO
  • Ma. Regina I Bundang, Corporate Secretary
  • Irene Sy, Auditor
  • Marianita L. Ong, Executive Assistant
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